98 Market – Winnipeg, MB

98 Market is a 6-story design build, mixed-use building. Designed with the future in mind, the 6 storey, 64 suite property is designed to compliment the neighbourhood and has Power Smart designation through the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart New Buildings Program which means that it has you and the environment in mind.

The Challenges Presented With This Project Were

1. Access to the job site was one of the main challenges on this project. Dealing with high traffic, two adjacent parking lots and multiple apartments in the area made coordinating delivery a challenge.

2. Coordination with the other trades had to be carefully orchestrated in order to achieve the client’s goal of a quick turnover.

3. The unique curved portion of the building with close proximity to the adjacent building made the layout on each floor a challenge.

How Light-weight Building Systems Inc. Met the Challenges

The challenge of site access was overcome by the superior attention to detail and good communication between LBS, the general contractor and the sub trades on site. Weekly site meetings were held and look-ahead schedules were generated. Once LBS commits to a delivery date or a concrete pour date, we go above and beyond to achieve the target. The curved portion of the building with its close proximity to the adjacent buildings made the layout on each floor a challenge. Extra care and precision were taken to tackle this. On each floor, grid lines and additional offset points for the curved section were transferred and double-checked to ensure accuracy.

The Solutions We Created

The exterior insulated metal panels were custom ordered to
match the existing building and were installed on the exterior
walls and roof structure. The IMP’s were ordered in 3’ wide
sections and had to be cut on site around windows, doors and the pitch of the sloped roof. Extra care was taken to match the new building details with the existing building, including the color of the trim and fasteners.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Through careful planning and coordination, LBS was able to complete their portion of the 6-story structure, including the roof, in 4 months. The General Contractor, Pre-Con Builders, was able to schedule the following trades behind LBS very closely and achieved occupancy.

With this project, LBS was able to provide a pre-fabricated steel stud load bearing building in a distant location at a comparable price to buildings provided locally. With our experience we will be able to competitively price similar projects in the future.

Our efforts to condense schedule and work with other trades to expedite their scope following the structure is something we are bringing forward to our future clients.

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