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Wood-Frame Construction: A Good Idea, or Trouble?

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

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A lot of contractors are still choosing mid-rise wood-frame buildings. Some of these projects range from condos and apartments, to senior living, offices and student housing. Student housing is being provided very quickly and affordably by “code-compliant” wood-frame buildings that are typically in the range of four to six stories in height. Everything sounds good so far, right?

Within a very short amount of time, however, these buildings begin showing significant problems associated with building movement, water intrusion and cladding distress and deflection, which all serve to negatively impact their durability and long-term habitability.

How can our new buildings have so many problems so early in their service lives? Unfortunately, there is not one answer or a simple one. There are a set of product, code, ordinance, and economic issues that serve to create the “perfect storm” for construction problems to develop.

While the code, for instance, requires the building envelope to provide protection from the weather, it does not provide the details necessary for designers and/or contractors to meet this requirement. This creates the potential for many issues to arise, which, unfortunately, they do. And quite sooner than later, too.
This blog post has explained some of the significant issues wood-frame construction is faced with, but to read the full study, you can visit the article here.

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