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Non-Combustible LBS Design vs Wood Structures

Are builders using the best materials? Is your building safe? Is wood the best choice for your investment? Let’s discuss the benefits of the LBS System.

Steel can’t burn, because it contains no elements that can serve as fuel. Steel provides no means for a fire to start, it does not contribute to fire growth or fire spread, and it does not contribute to the generation of smoke and toxic combustion products in fire.

Building codes recognize steel framing as a non-combustible construction material. Steel remains non-combustible throughout the entire life cycle of the building – during building construction, occupation, and future renovation and repair.

Insurance premiums are one of the factors that can determine a project’s end cost, representing 5% of costs during construction and up to 10% of the cost for long-term operation of the structure. Wood Frame insurance rates are normally at least double that of a non-combustible LBS system option.

Non-combustible structures like the LBS System have greater loss histories and are often viewed by insurance underwriters as lower risk. This translates into lower costs and a wider range of available coverage when compared to combustible wood framing.

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