Light-weight Building Systems Inc. offers unique value with its building designs and unmatched performance in our pre-planning and construction efforts.

Design Advantages

Versatility of design. The strength of steel studs makes it an ideal material for all building types - from hotels to care homes, as well as multi-story condos and apartment buildings. Light weight steel stud framing is the right choice.

- Light weight steel stud framing is suited to all types of building designs
- LBS designs can provide larger span lengths due to less weight of structure
- Light steel stud framing can produce some architectural designs not possible with traditional methods
- Light steel stud framing can be erected up to 12 stories in height
- LBS designs provide high sound (STC) ratings through the use of tested assemblies
- LBS designs provide fire rated assemblies from 1 to 3 hours


Superior Quality

Structural steel stud framing is dimensionally stable and is not subject to moisture-related expansion and contraction, or predisposed to shrink, split, warp, crack or creep.

- Steel stud framing has the highest strength to weight ratio of any construction material
- LBS designs are easier to maintain than conventional wood structures
- Steel stud framing is factory galvanized to prevent moisture related issues
- Steel stud framing provides no environment for mold or insects
- LBS designs are pre-engineered and factory built to specifications
- Properly designed and constructed steel structures provide long term durability and demonstrate excellent service life
- LBS designs are Earthquake resistant. Steel absorbs energy and provides benefits in an earthquake by dissipating it's force

Non Combustible Construction

Steel is a non-combustible material and will not add fuel to a building fire.

As a non combustible structure design, load bearing steel stud framing is permitted in a greater number of occupancies with less floor area restrictions and sprinkler system requirements.

- Compared to combustible construction, steel stud framing provides lower insurance premiums.
- Many steel floor and wall designs have been tested to provide significantly high fire ratings.
- Higher buildings can be achieved using load bearing steel stud designs due to the non combustible material.


Lower Cost Insurance

There are several types of insurance to consider when evaluating costs of a load bearing steel stud structure, particularly when comparing those costs with a wood structure. Insurance premiums can affect a projects final price tag.

Construction material plays a significant role in the costs of builders risk premium. Loss history for wood construction has been poor and carriers are very restrictive of the amount of the risk they will take.
Insurance carriers are more interested in non combustible structures due to better loss history and will compete harder to win this business. This can represent a huge advantage for owners of a steel framed structure because the savings recur every year with the policy being renewed at the non combustible rate.

Marketing Advantages

LBS designs are of higher quality than other structure designs. Steel and concrete buildings provide benefits that homeowners are looking for in today's market.

- Higher resale values due to quality.
- Light weight steel framing is a highly sustainable building material that will add lifespan to your investment.
- Indoor air quality is improved and steel is allergy free. Steel is no environment for mold.
- Non combustible buildings are in demand.
- LBS designs use 100% recyclable material.
- Higher quality steel buildings sell faster than comparable wood buildings.
- Larger open spans are created using LBS designs
- Steel wall and floor systems provide high sound ratings


Construction Advantages

LBS designs are coordinated well before installations are required on site. There are many construction advantages to using the LBS system.

- A typical mid-rise can be completed 3-4 months quicker than a wood structure
- Exterior walls are panelized complete with exterior sheathing
- LBS installations can progress during most adverse conditions
- Scrap is drastically reduced, which lowers disposal costs
- Panelized framing reduces the need for scaffolding at an early stage
- A shorter construction cycle means equipment can move off the job site faster
- Light weight steel framing is constructed in a factory controlled condition - site safety is optimized and a higher quality product is provided
- Light weight steel stud framing does not absorb moisture so there is no waiting for framing materials to dry

Light Weight Advantages

Light weight steel stud framing has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any construction material. When brought in early, LBS Structural Engineering Inc. can maximize the advantages of steel stud framing to the overall building design.

- LBS designs are 1/3 less than wood and considerably less than concrete
- Pound for pound, LBS steel framing is much lighter than concrete
- LBS designs provide larger open spans. Less structural = less weight
- With steel stud framing less loads are transferred into the foundations
- Lighter foundations can lead to less excavation requirements
- With lighter structure elements there will be less requirement for heavy lifting equipment thus reducing rental costs
- LBS designs are up to 50% lighter than those of a concrete alternative


Pricing Advantages

With LBS steel stud framed buildings there are several advantages that should be taken into consideration when deciding on your next structure design.

- As an alternative to conventional wood framed buildings, LBS designs can be marketed at a higher square foot price
- Shorter construction time frames reduces interim financing costs for projects
- Quicker occupancy reduces construction-related liability
- With a faster construction schedule, building owners can move on to their next project venture
- Long term building maintenance costs are reduced as steel is stable, resistant to rot, mold and insect infestation
- Steel provides a higher resale value for your investment
- Insurance costs are a deciding factor in your next building design

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