LBS – Load Bearing Steel Stud Wall Panels

Light-weight Building Systems Inc. is a leader in the industry for designing, detailing and fabricating load bearing steel stud wall panels. Our unique mobile panel plant approach to fabrication offers a competitive solution to providing pre-manufactured load bearing steel stud wall panels in a shop controlled environment without the high cost associated with a fixed panel plant and long haul delivery of wall panels

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Light-weight Building Systems Inc. provides load bearing steel stud wall panels that are pre-engineered, pre-assembled in a unique mobile wall panel fabrication plant and can be provided complete with exterior sheathing, exterior membranes and outsulation as required by design. Load bearing steel stud wall panels are made to precise dimensions complete with rough openings for windows, doors, mechanical and any required design elements.

 Wall Panel Shop Drawing

 Mobile Fabrication Plant

 Insulated Exterior Panels

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