Richardson Oil Seed – Yorkton, SK

Richardson Oilseed is one of Canada’s oldest and largest fully-integrated crushing, refining, processing and packaging operations. They work diligently to meet the growing demand for canola oil domestically and internationally, and much of this work happens at their processing plants.
Light-weight Building Systems was contacted to further expand their plant and build a new laboratory extension onto their existing building.

The Challenges Presented With This Project Were

1. Wall panels were required to be fabricated off site on this project.

2. The project required a non-combustible sloped truss roof design with a large clear open span on the second floor for mechanical equipment.

3. Exterior insulated metal panels installed on top of the light steel frame structure were required on both the walls and the roof structure.

4. One challenge presented with this project was that it was required to be connected to the existing building seamlessly and the finishes had to look identical.

How We Met The Challenges

Light-weight Building Systems provided the engineering, fabrication and installation of the structure including the non-combustible roof system and the exterior metal panel system. LBS fabricated all of the components off site. The entire structure took 2 weeks to complete.

The entire structural design was required to be non-combustible. The roof structure was required to match the existing buildings slope while providing a large clear span 2nd floor level. LBS provided and installed steel stud framed roof trusses designed to accommodate the Architectural.

The Solutions We Created

The General Contractor requested that LBS install the insulated metal panels to the roof and the exterior walls. Although this was not our typical scope of work we took on this task and installed to the satisfaction of all. This type of roofing system works well with the sloped truss joist and we can offer this as an alternative if requested.

The exterior insulated metal panels were custom ordered to match the existing building and were installed on the exterior walls and roof structure. The IMP’s were ordered in 3’ wide sections and had to be cut on site around windows, doors and the pitch of the sloped roof. Extra care was taken to match the new building details with the existing building including the color of the trim and fasteners.

Results and Future Plans

When LBS was approached to provide this laboratory addition to the Richardson Oil Seed factory, we decided to price out as much scope as possible. We ended up providing the load bearing walls, the floor assembly, the roof structure, the insulated panel installation and the drywall package.

We coordinated the structural design with the Architect in order to ensure the completed building resembled the existing building

The project was completed to the satisfaction of the client. Light-weight Building Systems will take its knowledge working with steel stud trusses and insulated panels and offer this experience to future clients

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