The Centre Green Condos – Calgary, AB

The Center Green Condos is an upscale luxury condo just north of downtown Calgary. The building is 38,527 sqft consisting of 40 units with underground parking. The main floor is home to the CCCSA, which is a non-profit organization serving the Chinese community. It offers a variety of valuable services to help immigrant families integrate into Canada.

The main features of the building are the roof top terrace that covers over half of the entire roof area, the solar panel field that is ecofriendly while powering the building and the curved balconies.

The Challenges Presented With This Project Were

1. One challenge presented with this project was the proximity of the structure to the main street and the issue of not having room on site for laydown of materials.

2. A main features of this project was the roof top garden space. The owner wanted the roof to be used as a living space. The roof structure was to be sloping with an elevated composite wood deck on top.

4. Providing curved cantilever balconies was a requirement by the owner that proved challenging in design.

5. The parapets were to be constructed as railings in order to maintain safety for the roof top guests.

How We Met The Challenges

Light-weight Building Systems was contacted to assist in design, engineering, fabrication and installation of the structure. A major challenge with intercity projects is that there is typically no room on the site for construction. With the help of our self-erect crane and the ability of LBS to ship pre-fabricated components on a floor to floor basis – the site constraints were overcome

The roof top terrace was a big feature for the client. LBS needed to accommodate extra loads in the roof structure for the use of the tenants as well as for planters and solar equipment. The client also requested that the roof decking be sloped to minimise roof insulation costs. The buildings design allowed for an economical approach to these requirements

The Solutions We Created

Using 3D modeling LBS was able to provide accurate detailing of the curved cantilever balconies. The look was critical to the buildings overall design and was completed to the satisfaction of the client.

The roof top terrace added the requirement for parapets that were designed high enough to act as a railing for the tenants. The parapets also required structural vertical support members to stiffen the parapet framing and accommodate 200lbs of lateral stability. LBS provides this for the client.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

With the typical approach of LBS using an experience Engineering process, 3D modeling, our self-erect cranes and controlled installation techniques – we were able to overcome any obstacles this project provided.

The design was complicated but through the use of light gauge steel stud framing and structural steel combined – our detailers were able to provide coordinated shop drawings that allowed our fabricators and field installers to complete their work efficiently and on schedule.

From site lay down constraints to detailed design requirements – LBS gained knowledge that will be used on future projects.

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