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Fire Season, Lumber Prices and the LBS System

Owners, Builders and General Contractors are using the LBS System instead of lumber. The switch is providing them and their customers with savings. 


It’s that time of the year, fire season. It seems we are seeing more wood structured buildings going up in flames than we ever did before. Another reason to build with the LBS System.

When you compare the costs between a wood framed building and the LBS System including;

  • speed of construction
  • insurance savings
  • lower maintenance 

The LBS System ends up providing a higher quality, non-combustible structure at a comparable price.

Read more about Mid-Rise Wood-Frame Construction: A Good Idea, or Are We Asking for Trouble? 

Lumber prices may be dropping, but don’t let the quality of your building drop.

Let us show you the benefits of the LBS System, call us at (866) 458-2573 or email us at for a free quote.

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