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LBS Expanding Operations

Light-weight Building Systems Inc. is excited to be opening up a new panel plant on Vancouver Island coming June 2022. This new plant will be the base of operations for the several new and upcoming projects on the island.

We are proud to be involved in the Tresah development project in Victoria, BC. It has been such a great experience working on the design and we look forward to building this new relationship with Mike Geric Construction. 

Building Model
LBS Structural Design

“As we’ve been planning for the upcoming construction of phase 2, Tresah West, we’ve come to a decision that mass timber is no longer the best structural material for this building. There are challenges related to the mass timber supply chain, market demand, lack of local mass timber expertise and materials pricing that have led us to the decision to build with another structural material. This change will ensure we can deliver this building effectively and in a timely manner.

I’m very excited to announce that Tresah West will be built with recycled, light-weight steel and concrete.”

Edward Geric,  President & CEO Mike Geric Construction

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